The Story

the way of loon

Loon is a sacred being, and can teach us about how to overcome hardships we face in life.

Whenever you are feeling low, frustrated or sad and feel like there’s no way out, you should remember Loon.  Loon is a trickster of sorts.  And tricksters exist to remind us to always look at our life and experiences from different viewpoints. 


You see, she walks many planes, and can take on the traits of a land strider, a water dweller or a wind walker.  The loon always knows that, no matter where she is, or what she is doing, she can always shift to a new way of being.  


Even when Loon is down in the depths of the lake, and darkness surrounds her every move, she knows that she can still fly, and soar in the sunlight. Take a lesson from our friend Loon, and remind yourself, that even when the darkness is all enveloping, and it is all that you can see, you still have the ability to fly. 


Even if it feels like you can't right now, you will fly again.  

Loon Song Traditions, is the life's work of Kianna Mist, an artist, teacher and musician who is dedicated to helping others connect to their own Loon Song.  She believes that art can be used as an accessible conduit to practice meditation, in turn, supporting others to connect with their selves, their present moment, and their wellness.   To learn more about Kianna and her mission check out the links below. 


Loon Song Traditions is the life's work of Kianna Mist.  She is an artist who promotes wellness and helps people experience the benefits of mindfulness and meditation through their creativity.


Kianna's artwork draws upon her experience as an Indigenous woman.  She is inspired by her surroundings, and most frequently, the forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans of New England.  




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