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Loon Song

a unique approach to personal wellness through meditation and art

the art of mindfulness

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Mindfulness and Meditation are Ancient Practices

They have been proven to reduce pain, enhance the immune system, increase energy, reduce stress and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Creativity is a Form of Meditation

Art is an expression that has existed for millennia and can be honed as a tool to connect to the present moment. 

Your Creativity Holds a Healing Power

When you combine art with mindfulness, you open a door towards growth.  Those who participate will find a sense of peace through their creativity and will see their art develop and transform. 


All are Welcome 


It doesn't matter whether you've never meditated, have a consistent practice, are a professional artist or have never held a paintbrush: the combined practice of meditative art is accessible to all.  You will have opportunities to learn new skills as well as challenge and build upon your own strengths.  

Start Participating Today


Loon Song Traditions is the product of an artist's dedication to connecting the creative arts to the practice of mindfulness and meditation.  Kianna Mist offers meditative art classes for individuals and groups.  If you are interested in booking her for an individual lesson or for your company, or school reach out today! 


Loon Song Traditions is the life's work of Kianna Mist.  She is an artist who promotes wellness and helps people experience the benefits of mindfulness and meditation through their creativity.


Kianna's artwork draws upon her experience as an Indigenous woman.  She is inspired by her surroundings, and most frequently, the forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and oceans of New England.  

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